Bichectomy Surgery
(Cheek Fat Removal)

As its known The face shape is one of the most important criteria of beauty. Even if it changed from one to another it still has an ideal measure. eyes, nose, lips, shape and location of the chin, and defined cheekbones have a significant importance in terms of beauty criteria.

Buccal Fat Removal

The fat shape of face because of some weight or genetic issues may give the person a fatter look than he really is. On the contrary slim and chiseled face with sharp cheekbones provides younger and aesthetic appearance. People who feel uncomfortable can get rid of this appearance easily by doing Buccal Fat Removal.

Buccal Fat Removal briefly is the operation of extracting the grouped fat tissues in cheeks in order to have a slimmer and better looking face.

At the same time it is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations recently because it is a simple operation.

Who is suitable for Bichectomy?

This operation can be performed to all people who complain about the fat in their cheeks area even after taking the face its final shape after the adolescence. There is no age limit for the operation however, implementing the operation at in early age gives better results.

Before The Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

As it is an operation performed under local anesthesia there are not many things to be considered before the implementation. Yet. the patient must inform the doctor about the medicines he/she uses. Medicines may cause bleeding issues like blood thinners must not be taken for a few days before the operation.

How is Buccal Fat Removal Done?

The operation last for about 30 minutes and its performed under the local anesthesia .the patient does not feel any pain in the peroid right after the operation. Thanks to the local anesthesia.during the operation the fat pad will be reached and extracted through the incisions made from the inside of the cheeks.

After that 1-2 absorbable sutures will be placed and the operation will be finalized. There is no need for any wound dressing before or after the operation.

After The Buccal Fat Removal

Patient will be able to go back to their daily life right after the Buccal Fat Removal operation. There is no need to stay in the hospital they can be discharged right after the operation. An oral care will be applied by mouthwash and antibiotic therapy for few days after the Buccal Fat Removal operation.

There will be no bruise and swelling after the operation. Even if there was a light edema in the first few days it will dissapear in 2-3 weeks completely and The result of the operation will become visible.