Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

Breasts are one of the most important elements of motherhood and femininity in the female body. Due to many reasons such as the effect of gravity, frequent weight gain, aging, breastfeeding, it sags over time and loses its old volume. Women are very sensitive about sagging, softening and deforming breasts.

Observing deformities on the breast that have been plump and lifted may affect their psychology negatively and they may feel to look for a solution. At the same time, if the breasts are too large, it also causes sagging. For this reason, they may need breast reduction as well. With breast lift surgery, breast augmentation and reduction can be performed to satisfy the patient and achieve her expectations. Breast lift surgeries are a healthy method in this regard.

3 States of Breast

Non-sagging Breast:

The non-sagging breasts, the nipple is above the under-breast line.

Slightly Sagging Breast:

In slightly sagging breasts, the nipple is at the level of the under-breast line.

Sagging Breast:

In sagging breasts, the nipple is below the under-breast line.Breast lift creams, instruments and massages cannot provide true breast lift. The only solution for sagging breasts is breast lift surgery.

Surgical Anatomy

The breasts are attached at the base to the pectoral muscle above the ribs by a membrane. Under normal conditions, it is between the second rib above and the sixth rib below. It extends to the bone called the sternum on the inside and extends to the anterior starting line of the armpit on the outside. These lines guide us in breast augmentation, reduction and lift surgeries.

The breast tissue consists of 15-20 chambers called lobes and the fat tissue surrounding it. The mammary glands from these lobes extend to the nipple. It is important to protect these structures during breast reconstructive surgeries. Another important issue is the blood vessels that feed the breast and the nerves that give sensation to the nipple. The veins enter the breast under the breast tissue and from the sides and feed the breast. Nerves also usually extend from around the blood vessels to the nipple. It is important to protect these structures during surgery.

Another structure is the connective tissues that shape the breasts and keep them upright. These structures, called Cooper ligaments, start from the nipple and wrap the breast and hang the breast up and to the sides. In enlarged breasts, these also stretch and lengthen. They are structures that can lose their flexibility over time. If these structures are cut during surgery, it will be necessary to suspend them with threads.

Before Breast Lift Operation

The patient who wants to have breast lift surgery should have a physical examination. Nipple location and amount of mammary gland are checked. Measurements are made regarding this, and their new locations and dimensions are determined. The operation should be planned according to patient’s need and the plan should be explained to the patient.

The surgeon should take into account of the severity of the sagging of the breasts, its size, the amount of the mammary gland and the patient’s expectations while planning the operation. Before the operation, detailed information should be given to the physician about the disease, drugs used, and previous surgeries, and necessary precautions should be taken. Since the blood thinner-derived drugs used may cause bleeding problems during and after the operation, the patient may need to discontiniue at least 5 days before the operation.

How is Breas Lift Performed?

Breast Lift operations are performed without combining with any operations if the patient has only sagging problems without excess fat tissue or enlargement desire.During the operation,the breast tissue is preserved alive and the nipple is moved to the area where it should be, while the surrounding tissues are gsthered and the ideal breast shape is achieved.The techniques to be applied in breast lift vary according to the amount of sagging.If there is a mild sagging; A breast lift can be performed only with a small incision made around the nipple. Here, by entering from the nipple, the breast tissue is collected and suspended upwards.If there is more sagging; Since both the connective tissue holding the breast and the tissue of the mammary glands will become thinner and sagging, the incision will be from the nipple to the bottom. After the tissues are recovered, the nipple is hung upwards. Since aesthetic sutures are used during these procedures, it becomes a thin white and line-shaped scar in the long term after the surgery.The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in an average of 1-2 hours.

Post-Op Period

After the operation, the patient should stay at the hospital for one night. With the painkillers used during this period, the recovery period is mostly comfortable.

Breast lift surgery does not prevent mobility, the person can stand up and walk a few hours after the operation. Drainage devices are mostly used in order to prevent bleeding.The drainage devices are usually removed by the doctor on the 2nd day after the surgery.

Since dissolvable sutures are used during the surgery, it is not necessary to remove stitches after the procedure.

The patients can return to their normal life in a maximum of 1 week after the necessary dressings are made.

The bra recommended by the doctor should be worn for the first 6 weeks. After the first 3 weeks, sports bras are recommended.

After breast lift surgery, scars are mostly seen as a single straight line down the nipple. These scars may remain more or less vaguely, depending on the genetics of the person.

Is It Possible to have sagging after Breast Lift surgery?

One of the freaquently asked questions about the procedure is whether there will be sagging again after the breast lift operation. Breast may sag after breast lift surgery, especially during/after pregnancy rapid weight gain and loss.Therefore, if possible, breast lift surgery can be performed when patients decide not to have children anymore. In addition, patients should pay attention to their weight gain and weight loss in order not to face the problem of sagging again after the breast lift operation.

Breastfeeding After Breast Lift

Breasts usually sag after birth due to weight loss and breastfeeding. Therefore, people usually undergo breast lift surgery after giving birth. However, the surgery does not prevent breastfeeding who is planning to breastfeed again after the surgery. The mammary glands are completely protected, especially for people who have been lifted without removing almost any tissue during the surgery.