Eye Bag

Eye Bag

Eye Bag Surgery
in Turkey

Why do eye bags occur?


The occurrence of eye bags is accepted as normal, as the skin underneath the eyes thins and sags with age. The skin underneath the eyes, which is thinner than the skin covering the rest of the body, is quite sensitive. Besides this sensitivity, with the skin aging, impairments are seen in the muscles supporting the eyelids, and the skin starts to sag. As a result, the fat sacs propping the eyes herniate moves forward and forms eye bags.

Genetic Factors

Genetic factors can influence many features of a person, and the outlook of several areas in a person’s body. Especially, the formation of eye bags at young ages mostly occurs due to genetic factors.

Environmental Factors

  • Usage of alcohol and smoking
  • Usage of antidepressants
  • Irregular sleeping
  • Overuse of computer
  • Aging
  • Emotional personality

Before The Eye Bag Surgery

Before the surgery, a series of analyses and examinations are carried out. These affect elements such as the anesthesia process, surgery method, etc.

Information about any further illnesses/problems and any medications taken should be provided to the doctor.

The doctor should be informed if a blood dilution medicine is used by the patient. The usage of blood dilution medicine should be stopped a certain amount of time before the surgery. Otherwise, problems like bleeding during the surgery might occur.

Drawings and photographic processes provide the patient with a piece of knowledge about the method after the surgery and make the job easier for the doctor.

Eye Bag Surgery

The surgical methods and techniques used in this surgery show variations depending on the structure of the person’s skin. While the operation can be performed under local anesthesia within an hour, it can also be performed under general anesthesia in situations where the patient desires to do so and the doctor deems it fit.

Alongside this surgery, if eyebags are accompanied by upper eyelid problems, the two operations can be combined but the time of the surgery might drag on because of this.

The textures made up of fat which accumulates underneath the eyes, and the damaged muscles lead to the formation of eye bags. Deformations underneath the eyes are removed with surgical procedures during the operation. The part beneath the eyes is stretched by removing fat tissues underneath the eyes. Then this area is stitched up. To hide the scars after the surgery, the operation is carried out on the areas where the eyebags are present. (The texture of the skin in that area is very loose, so not many scars occur after the surgery).

After the Eye Bag Surgery

After the surgery is completed, there is going to be a set of matters that the patient will need to be careful about. These matters are important in terms of the recovery process.

There are going to be small plasters in the first three days after the surgery. It is advised that the patient does not shower before these plasters are removed. At the end of day two-three, these plasters fall off by themselves as the patient showers. As long as the water is not so hot, there is not problem with showering.

However, the patient must be careful not to let the water contact with the eyes so often, and the eye area should not be scrubbed much. After the surgery, the eyes can be a little more sensitive. It is possible to see minor stings and burns. However, this situation would be temporary. As with every surgery, this surgery also carries some risks deriving from operations and anesthesia.