ıt is an aesthetic surgery term formed by the combination of the words “labium”, which means lip in Latin, and “plasty”, which is used to describe aesthetic operations. Aesthetic touches performed on the lips of the vaginal structure are called labiaplasty.

The inner lips of the vagina may droop outward over time. This can both disturb the person aesthetically and cause health problems as it increases the potential for infection in this area.

It is the aesthetic operations performed in accordance with the natural anatomical structure, which are preferred to prevent the drooping appearance of the inner lips of the vagina. Labiaplasty is performed on the vaginal lips called “labia majora” and “labio minora”.

How Is Labioplasty Performed?

Labioplasty operations are minor surgical procedures. When the desired appearance is achieved, the operation is completed and the healing process of the wounds begins.

Does Labioplasty Couse Pain?

There is no severe pain after labioplasty operations performed with local or general anesthesia. With painkillers and antibiotics to be used after the operation, the level of pain will only be minimal.

How Long Does the Labioplasty Take?

Labioplasty operations are completed within 30 minutes.