Nipple Correction

Nipple Correction

Nipple Correction Surgery in Turkey

The nipple correction surgery is a minor surgical intervention that can be performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The nipple may be completely buried or collapsed. The nipple may also be large or wide.

What is A Nipple and Aerola?

Nipple, also known as areola; is a structure with a pink-brown structure corona around it, which has up to 14-17 milk canals inside it and provides a beautiful look and aesthetic to the breast. There is a protrusion in the middle of it and it is elastic. Under Areola’s skin there is a thin muscle tissue and with different stimulations (cold, sexual impulse, fear, water contact, etc.), the bulge in the nipple contracs and hardens.

Why Does The Buried Nipple Occur?

There are connective tissues that provide movement around the nipple. At the tip of the nipple, there is an erected structure that allows it grow in the hot, cold, during breast-feeding or when touched. If the muscle structure in these structures turn into fibrotic tissue, the nipple movement will not occur and will remain intact due to the fibrosis tissues . This situation causes the buried nipple to occur.

How Is The Nipple Correction Surgery Performed?

Occasionally there may be an expansion around the nipple, or the angle of the bulge may have changed, or the nipple may be buried. In such cases, the shape of the nipple can be corrected with small surgical interventions.

Different techniques are used to treat the nipple. With the techniques applied, the nipple is released by cutting canals and ties that pull the nipple in. After the nipple is released. different tissues can be placed underneath the nipple to prevent the problem from recurring.

The procedure of cutting the milk canals is not recommended for patients who are considering giving birth and breastfeeding after the surgery.

Non-existence Of The Nipple

In some women the sinking of the nipple may occur congenitally or due to elements like, pregnancy and breastfeeding. In such cases, the nipple will not come out. If a woman does not have a nipple, it may slightly emerge with breastfeeding. However, it may not always be at the desired level. Surgical bringing out of the nipple for women with breastfeeding problems is also recommended. Other than that, those who do not have a nipple can undergo surgery in the aesthetic sense.

These surgical interventions start with a minor cut around the nipple and then the nipple can be brought out. It is an operation performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. In some cases, the surgery can be performed again, if the nipple does not come out at the desired level. If there is not too much sinking in the nipple, the nipple can be taken out by placing a tissue under the breast without any operation. However, in these cases, surgical treatment is the recommended option as otherwise milking may be affected.

The Nipple Growth

The diameter of the nipple, that are brown or dark colored structures, varies according to the breast size. However, the diameter of the nipple is about 4-5 cm in people with average breast. Sudden growth in breasts or large breasts may expand this diameter. The nipple growth, usually observed in large breasts, is reduced to normal levels when the breast size is reduced during the nipple operation. However, if there is a diameter expansion without any growth in the size of the breast, then only the brown part is reduced. In general, the post-surgery scars do not tend to be visible.