Seconder Rhinoplasty

Seconder Rhinoplasty

When is the right time to have a Revision Rhinoplasty?

The important point here is that early surgery should be avoided. It is not correct to consult a physician in such a way that after a short period of 3-4 months after the first operation, because of the shape of the nose is disliked. It should be noted that rhinoplasty is a surgery that requires time.

The swelling and the edema should disappear first. The time it takes the nose to reach its final form is at least a year.

If a complicated surgical operation is to be performed, one year should wait. However, if smaller camouflage surgeries are to be performed, it can be intervened after six months.

Corrective operations almost always require additional cartilage. These cartilages can also be used from cartilage tissues to be obtained through the nose.

However, these cartilages can be performed with cartilage from the ear or rib since these cartilages are not treated and are insufficient.

The area, which is needed in revision operations, is usually the tip of the nose. Because of the flexibility and endurance capacity of the nasal tip cartilage structure, much attention should be paid.

Main Reasons of the Primer Rhinoplasty

  • Misplanning of the operation
  • MisEvaluating the needs and desires of the patient before the operation
  • Wound healing problems of the patient
  • Excess nasal bone Removal
  • Excess Cartilage Removal
  • Misjiont of the cartilages placed
  • Excessive Resorption of the cartilage
  • Misplacment of the supporting stitches
  • Opening the supporting stitches
  • Trauma on nasal bone and cartilage tissue before full recovery
  • Infections after primer rhinoplasty

How Is Seconder Rhinoplasty Performed?

Open or Closed technique rhinoplasty can be performed for revision rhinoplasty surgery. What kind of surgical touches is needed is decisive. It decides the technique of the operation. Open technique is mostly preffered since it is initial to see the cartilage and bone tissue totally and opern technique allows it. During the open technique rhinoplasty surgery, 0,5cm incision is made below the nose that is healed in a year completely.

Revision surgeries are much more complex than the primer surgeries. Revision operations need a very experienced surgeon and a sterile enviroment. A detailed physical examination is necessary. During the examination all complaints should be detected and the plans should be done accordingly.

Since the patients are lack of cartilage, cartilage grafts from another region of the body may be needed. The graft is taken from the ear or the ribs.

The duration may vary depending on the anesthesia type. Small surgical touches performed under local anesthesia may take 30-60 minutes, while major surgical touches performed under general anesthesia may take around 3-4 hours.

Post-Op Period

In secondary rhinoplasty, since the nasal skin and tissues are removed several times in the second line, postoperative edema is higher and the recovery process is longer.

Casts used in major interventions to the bone are removed on the 5th day in primer rhinoplasty surgeries, while they may need tos tay longer for revision operations. This time is determined by the doctor himself according to the procedure. The important thing here is to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Post-procedure pain is not different from primary surgery. Only if the cartilage needed for nose surgery is removed, especially from the ribs, a slight pain may be felt in the first few days after the surgery. After the procedure, you stay in the hospital for one night and the person is sent home the next day.

Seconder Rhinoplasty Prices

Secondary rhinoplasty prices vary according to the complications that occured in primary rhinoplasty, the necessary interventions, the type of anesthesia to be applied and many other factors. Secondary rhinoplasty is a correction surgery and most of the patients who need correction regret their first surgery based on the price.

Secondary rhinoplasty surgeries are more expensive than primary rhinoplasty. Therefore, the surgeon to be chosen before the price in the first surgery is more important. The priority of a person who decides to have an operation is to find a trustwprthy doctor and contact him. It should not be forgotten that the health is more important than the